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ASTA 2010 Seoul

The ASTA 2010 Seoul (International Software Testing Conference, Asian Software Testing Alliances) will be taking place this year in the dynamic city Seoul with the theme, “Software Testing in IT Convergence”.

The aim is to bring together leading thinkers and communicators in this exciting and challenging field ofIT. The theme of the conference is software testing and how it can be applied to use in real world situation. Submissions are invited on topics relating to:

  • Testing in IT convergence (Software or systems testing in the industry of automotive, aerospace, defence, ship building, smart grids, medical systems, transportation and safety-critical systems, etc.)
  • Testing in finance industry
  • Testing related to Smart Phone applications and systems
  • Testing in green industry
  • Security testing
  • Agile testing (or testing in Agile project)
  • UX (User Experience/Usability) testing
  • Cloud computing testing

Testing topics in specific industries above can be test processes, test design, test automation, test management, test strategies and approaches, test outsourcing (or off-shoring), test bed or environment, etc. Especially those papers dealing with pragmatic information with experiences and best practices are encouraged. Each accepted speaker will deliver a 50 minute track session at the conference. Simultaneous interpretation services will be provided during the conference but not for tutorials.


19. - 20. Oktober




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